Economic Development Month with Bastrop EDC; Building a Bustling Community

Economic Development Month with Bastrop EDC; Building a Bustling Community Main Photo

22 May 2023


The month of May is a cause for celebration here at Bastrop EDC. Created by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), Economic Development Week in May provides a platform for professionals and organizations to spotlight local programs that “create jobs, advance career development opportunities, and improve the quality of life in communities.” In honor of this event, we want to share how we collaborate with our community. 

How can Economic Development Corporations like Bastrop EDC Help Local Communities? 

Economic development corporations (EDCs) help their communities in dynamic ways. By providing assistance to new businesses, recruiting new businesses to the community, and much more, EDCs create long term business infrastructure and solutions for thriving communities across the nation. 

Since 1995, we’ve created many solutions for Bastrop and our local businesses.  In 1995, the citizens of Bastrop voted to pass a one-half cent sales tax for the purpose of economic development–which is the primary source of Bastrop EDC’s funding. Since then, we’ve developed a synergetic relationship with the city. In order to serve our community best, Bastrop EDC commissions and funds research studies to identify local needs. After identifying community needs, Bastrop EDC creates programs, solutions, and more. Some of our accomplishments include: 

Communities with EDCs, like Bastrop, can expect a wide variety of assistance and local initiatives that would not be available otherwise. With new development happening regularly, citizens receive a great deal of community growth in return for the low sales tax paid. 

Technical Assistance and Ready Resources from Bastrop EDC

One of the ways in which we bolster the strength of our community is by offering robust technical assistance to small businesses. Tailored to the needs of individual small businesses, we can help small businesses establish their business, access capital, and improve operations. Furthermore, we also offer support in the specific areas of financial management, human resources, marketing, and sales. Through a very simple contact form on our website, businesses can apply for our specialized assistance with ease. 

At Bastrop EDC, we also provide a wide variety of resources and key information. Through local partnerships, we help connect businesses with programs and services throughout our broader region. Through Bastrop EDC, businesses can gain information on available workforce development programs and state business incentives. For businesses looking to move into Bastrop, we also have comprehensive information readily available. Some of our resources, profiles, and surveys include:

  • Retail Trade Demographic Profile 
  • Bastrop County Retail Market Profile
  • Drive Time Profiles
  • Entertainment Potential Study 
  • Traffic Counts

Business in Bastrop; Space for New Retailers Available Now 

At Bastrop EDC, we’re always looking for new ways to build our community. Whether a business is already established within Bastrop or relocating to Bastrop, we’re here to help them build for long lasting success. 

Bastrop has space for retailers and more available now. To view available spaces click here. 

Bastrop EDC

Ideally located in the heart of the Texas Triangle, Bastrop has easy access to Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas/Fort Worth and is more affordable. It’s a place with room to grow and a history of innovation. To find out how Bastrop is perfect for your business relocation or expansion, contact Bastrop Economic Development Corporation at (512) 303-9700 or

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