Education in Bastrop, Texas

The historic City of Bastrop provides a variety of educational choices for all ages and academic styles. The Bastrop Independent School District (BISD) consists of eight elementary schools, two intermediate schools, two middle schools, four high schools, and two alternative learning facilities.

BISD maintains high expectations and a complete commitment to investing time, energy, talent, and expertise toward each student. Beginning in 5th grade, students have the opportunity to enroll in Pre-advanced Placement Programming. Focusing on college preparation at the secondary level, students can enroll in rigorous Advanced Placement and dual credit programs. BISD boasts strong fine arts, robotics, and athletics programs, which help to create a well-rounded academic experience.

The Bastrop Independent School District is growing so quickly that they’re already searching for land to build their ninth and tenth elementary schools. With more than 12,000 students in the district already, school leadership anticipates a 3.5% increase in student population each year. BISD also plans to allocate some bond money for repairing and updating existing schools in the district.

Career and Technical Education

BISD is proud to offer students Career and Technical Education (CTE). CTE prepares youth for a wide range of high-wage, high-skill, high-demand careers through cutting-edge, rigorous, and relevant course curricula and experiences. Students can choose one of fourteen paths of study, including Agricultural Engineering, Business Management, and Law Enforcement. Once a program is completed, students can sit for an Industry-Based Certification exam.

Work-Based Learning

Bastrop County high school students are welcome to participate in work-based learning programs. Depending on the school’s unique offerings, here are some programs students can enroll in:

11th and 12th graders are paired for in-person or virtual mentorships with an adult who works in an area of interest to the student. Six weeks of meetings are outlined in the mentorship handbook with topics such as a day in the life, education requirements, and Networking.

Students can participate in paid internships in the summer between 11th and 12th grade.

Clinical Rotations
Health Science students shadow multiple departments in hospitals and clinics.

Coursework - Practicum & Career Preparation
Students participate in school-day paid and unpaid internships within their chosen field.

Dual Credit Programs

To fast-track their college degree, high school students can enroll in dual credit classes that can be applied to their future college program. BISD offers a wide range of options for students to gain college credits in high school, even allowing high schoolers to earn an associate’s degree by their graduation.

Career Academy
Automotive Technology, Level 1 Certificate

Pharmacology, Level 1 Certificate
Advanced Manufacturing, Level 1 Certificate

General Studies, Associate Degree
Science, Associate Degree
Education, Associate Degree
Social Work, Associate Degree
Pre Health Science, Associate Degree

Dual Credit - ACC
Students at BHS and CCHS may participate in Dual Credit courses within the school day or
outside of school hours. Campus-based courses are offered in English and History.

Students at BHS, CCHS, and CRCA may participate in Dual Credit courses within the school
day through the University of Texas in Science and Math.

Alternative Learning

In addition, the district offers two alternative learning facilities to guide students on their career paths and promote positive relationships. Genesis High School extends high school degree programs to its students with smaller class sizes and an individualized pace of learning. Gateway is a D.A.E.P. School that provides a safe and structured learning environment so students can return to their home campus. Gateway students work towards building positive relationship skills while improving their academic skills. There are many resources to ensure success including home campus teachers, school technology, counselors, and much more.

With the implementation of House Bill 5 (HB 5) passed by the Texas Legislature in 2013, Bastrop ISD has created a number of Career Pathways for students, including automotive, agriculture, business, construction, culinary arts, health sciences, and STEM-based programs. In the future, EMT, AWS welding, and AutoCAD certifications will also be offered.

Bastrop Elementary Schools

Bluebonnet Elementary School

416 FM 1209    
Bastrop, TX 78602    
(512) 772-7680

Bluebonnet opened its doors in August 2004 and now serves more than 770 students in grades Pre-K through 4th grade.  Offering a compassionate school community, Bluebonnet Elementary School works to unite with families in our dedication to children through a commitment to innovative instruction and fostering a desire to learn.

Camino Real Elementary School

2380 FM 812    
Dale, TX 78616    
(512) 772-7720

Camino Real Elementary is one of BISD’s newest schools, thanks to the $321.5 Million Bond Proposal that passed in 2023. Camino Real opened its doors in August of 2023.

Cedar Creek Elementary School

5582 FM 535    
Cedar Creek, TX 78612    
(512) 772-7600

Cedar Creek Elementary opened its doors in 1993 and now serves more than 700 students in grades Pre-K through 4th grade. Cedar Creek Elementary is also home to one of the two Child Development Centers in Bastrop ISD, which is a program to provide childcare for BISD staff and teen parents.

Colony Oaks Elementary School

601 Sam Houston Drive    
Bastrop, TX 78602    
(512) 772-7740

Colony Oaks Elementary opened its doors in August of 2023. This school was built after BISD received $321.5 Million in bonds to support the future of education in Bastrop.

Emile Elementary School

601 MLK Jr. Dr.    
Bastrop, TX 78602    

Opening its doors in 1892, Emile Elementary is one of the veteran schools of Bastrop ISD and serves more than 770 students in grades Pre-K through 4th grade. Emile Elementary is also home to one of the two Child Development Centers in Bastrop ISD, which is a program to provide childcare for BISD staff and teen parents.

Lost Pines Elementary School

151 Tiger Woods Dr.    
Bastrop, TX 78602    
(512) 772-7700

Lost Pines Elementary is home to the Explorers, and serves more than 650 students in grades Pre-K through 4th grade. 

Mina Elementary School

1203 Hill Street    
Bastrop, TX 78602    
(512) 772-7640

Mina Elementary is rich with history as a veteran school of Bastrop ISD and serves more than 600 students in grades Pre-K through 4th grade. At one point, Mina Elementary proudly served as the Elementary, Middle, and High School.

Red Rock Elementary School

2401 FM 20    
Red Rock, TX 78662    
(512) 772-7660

Red Rock serves more than 650 students in grades Pre-K through 4th grade. They’re dedicated to achieving high levels of learning and building empowered student advocates through rigorous expectations.

Bastrop Intermediate Schools

Bastrop Intermediate School

509 Old Austin Highway    
Bastrop, TX 78602    
(512) 772-7450

Located 30 miles southeast of Austin, Bastrop Intermediate School is home to more than 700 fifth and sixth-grade students.  

Cedar Creek Intermediate School

151 Voss Parkway    
Cedar Creek, TX 78612    
(512) 772-7475

Cedar Creek Intermediate enrolls over 900 fifth and sixth-grade students each year.  

Bastrop Middle Schools

Bastrop Middle School

725 Old Austin Highway    
Bastrop, TX 78602    
(512) 772-7400

Opening its doors in 1999, Bastrop Middle School enrolls over 840 students each year in grades 7 and 8. Their mission is to provide a safe and respectful environment that inspires and empowers students to become critical thinkers and global citizens. 

Cedar Creek Middle School

125 Voss Parkway     
Cedar Creek, TX 78612    
(512) 772-7425

Cedar Creek Middle School serves more than 1,000 students. Their mission is to build community relationships and maximize learning potential by establishing a safe and open environment.

Bastrop High Schools

Bastrop High School

1614 Chambers St.    
Bastrop, TX 78602    
(512) 772-7200

Settled in Bastrop’s historic downtown and on the border of Bastrop State Park, Bastrop High School is home to over 1,400 students. 

Cedar Creek High School 

793 Union Chapel Road    
Cedar Creek, TX 78612    
(512) 772-7300

Cedar Creek High School opened in 2010 and currently enrolls 1,400 students, with plans to expand and accommodate up to 2,500 students.  

Colorado River Collegiate Academy

1602 Hill Street    
Bastrop, TX 78602    
(512) 772-7230

Colorado River Collegiate Academy was recognized as one of America’s best high schools by the US News & World Report Magazine. They provide all of our students with the opportunity and educational foundation to pave the path to university success by earning an associate degree upon graduation from high school.

Genesis High School

1602 Hill Street    
Bastrop, TX 78602    
(512) 772-7230

Genesis High School offers smaller class sizes where individual students can work at their own pace. Their goal is to graduate our students and assist them with post-secondary education and workforce options.

Gateway School

1155 Lovers Lane     
Bastrop, TX 78602    
(512) 772-7820

Gateway is a D.A.E.P. school that provides students with the resources to improve academically, socially, and behaviorally so that they may return to their home campus.