Area Businesses

Bastrop is home to world-class companies and homegrown businesses that are ripe for expansion. As a community historically known for agriculture, Bastrop has experienced rapid expansion in industries that include tourism, film and media, manufacturing, retail and professional services. Businesses have been attracted to Bastrop for its historic charm, strategic location near Austin, strong workforce, and the abundance of available and affordable land. 

Agilent Scientific Instruments, for example, chose Bastrop as a site to grow their logistics center. As a research, development and manufacturing company, they needed a location that would allow them to easily reach customers throughout the state and the country, while providing them with the space needed to grow. Safety from natural disasters is one of the reasons they chose Bastrop. “Following in the wake of recent natural disasters and severe weather events, we are taking steps to further ensure continuous service to customers. Our regional warehouses around the world must be able to fulfill evolving customer needs, while a robust and flexible logistics network supports business continuity,” said Henrik Ancher-Jensen, senior vice president, Agilent, and president, Order Fulfillment and Supply Chain. 

JAMCo, Inc., a Georgia-based construction company, chose Bastrop for their Texas regional headquarters due to its strategic location. As a company doing business throughout the state, Bastrop was a natural fit as it is located within hours of the state’s major population centers and double-digit growth. 

Other local major employers include Burleson Crossing, Keeling, Etc. and Deep in the Heart Art Foundry.