Target Industries

The history of Bastrop is rich in business and commerce.  Established in 1832 by Steven F. Austin’s good friend, The Baron de Bastrop, the local mainstay industries were farming and timber/lumber. When Austin became the capital of Texas, the Lost Pine Forest was the only timber available in western Texas, and Bastrop quickly began supplying Austin, San Antonio, the Western Frontier and Mexico with lumber.  Today, Bastrop has grown tremendously in the manufacturing industry, media and entertainment industry, biolife sciences, and tourism and hospitality industry. Positioned a close 30-minutes to Austin provides many opportunities for each industry to expand and thrive.

Industry Growth Opportunities

Manufacturing Industry

Bastrop meets and exceeds all Site Selection criteria for manufacturing including location, easy highway, rail and international air access, skilled labor pool, tax and property incentives, financial assistance, and low electric and water costs. 

Companies like JamCo Inc., and Designed Security Inc. are leading the way for such companies to relocate to the shovel ready 263 acre Business Park zoned for commercial/industrial use and ready for development.

Media and Entertainment Industry

As of July 2019, Bastrop County was named the Film Hospitality Capital of Texas. Since 2007, more than 50 films, television and commercial projects have been filmed in the county and there are more in the works. “Film Bastropportunities” is the new initiative that allows opportunity for growth in the film and hospitality industry. 

Biolife Sciences

Bastrop is one of the front runners with Biolife Sciences. Some of the Bio and life science clusters feature the MD Anderson Cancer Science Park, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Agilent Technologies, and The Coghlan Group and ARQ Genetics. The MD Anderson Cancer Center is recognized as a global leader in research on carcinogenesis and cancer prevention.

Tourism and Hospitality Industry 

Beauty and tranquility amongst the Lost Pines and Colorado River frontage make Bastrop an easy choice for tourism attraction. The Hyatt Regency at Lost Pines Resort, ziplining at the State Park, live music by the Colorado River, the charming Downtown full of Shopping, Dining, and Distilleries, the Visitor Center Museum, the Lost Pines Art Center and Deep in the Heart Art Foundry name a few of the top visitor attractions. 

Booming Industries

Some of the consistent mainstay industries are retail trade, public administration and educational services. 

  • Retail trade
  • Public Administration 
  • Educational Services 
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 
  • Media and Entertainment “Film Bastropportunities” 
  • Tourism

Businesses Welcome

We invite businesses to visit Bastrop and to discover the incredible opportunities that await when expanding within the city.