Bastrop is Austin’s Next Frontier

Over 2 million people call metro Austin home. Austin has led the nation in growth for eight straight years, with the city ranking third in large U.S. metros for migration as a percentage of the total population. This inward migration resulted in a 32.7% population increase from 2008 - 2018. During that same period Bastrop County experienced double-digit growth from people looking to live near Austin, but in a more affordable and charming historic community. 

Future Growth

The Austin metro is projected to grow by an additional 27.6% from 2020 to 2030. As it does, companies and families will be expanding out of the metro and into surrounding communities. Bastrop is Austin’s Next Frontier and primed to accept that growth. TX-71 E connects the two communities, making it easy for businesses and workers to move between the two communities. Manufacturing and distribution companies, for example, can benefit from the available and affordable land in Bastrop, and use their new location as a base to serve the entire metro region. 

Bastrop is also attracting investment and development due to the community’s unique historic charm. Historic Downtown Bastrop sits on the Colorado River, is home to a lively music and culinary scene, boutique shops, festivals and outdoor activities. Families searching for an active and vibrant lifestyle are choosing Bastrop to settle down. Simultaneously, the community is attracting visitors from the Austin metro, creating opportunities for tourism, hospitality, retail and service businesses. 

The Time is Now

Bastrop is Austin’s Next Frontier. As the population continues to expand out from Austin, Bastrop is poised for explosive growth. Businesses, developers and investors should act now to take advantage of Bastrop’s affordable (and sometimes free) available land and financial incentives. Those who do will have access to the best sites and the opportunities that come with them.