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Lower Colorado River Basin Coalition Moves to Promote Water Releases


Kodi Sawin


Kodi Sawin, Lower Colorado River Basin Coalition, 512-627-9604, waterdownstream@gmail.com

Coalition Selects Leadership to Advocate for Water Releases Downstream of Longhorn Dam in Austin

Austin, Texas: The Lower Colorado River Basin Coalition (LCRBC) announces an Executive Committee to assist in the development of water management strategies that protect the interests of the entire lower Colorado River basin.

“Through this extended drought, as a result of serial Emergency Drought Orders sought by the Lower Colorado River Authority and approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, only severely limited levels of agricultural water and environmental flows have made it downstream of Longhorn Dam in Austin” said Kirby Brown of Ducks Unlimited and Chair of the LCRBC.

The LCRBC formed recently to represent organizations, communities, and business interests throughout the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) service area.

“Recognizing the threat that agricultural water and environmental flow limitations might become common in the future, we created a blue-ribbon leadership team to help save the Colorado River and Matagorda Bay,” Brown added.

Executive Committee members represent a diversity of interests that include the environment, economic development, recreation, commercial fishing, wildlife conservation, and agriculture. The current list of Executive Committee members appears below:

Judge Paul Pape Bastrop County Judge

Judge Nate McDonald, Matagorda County Judge

Mark Rose, Bluebonnet Electric Co-Op General Manager

Jennifer Walker, Sierra Club

Myron Hess, National Wildlife Federation

Iliana Pena, Audubon Texas

Mike Lanier, Red Bluff Hunting Club

Joey Park, Coastal Conservation Association

Haskell Simon, Colorado Water Issues Committee

Dick Ottis, Rice Belt Warehouse

Buddy Treybig, Buddy’s Oysters

Laurance Armour, Pierce Ranch

The Executive Committee’s experience not only encompasses a broad range of professional and technical expertise, but also geographic interests throughout the extent of the LCRA service territory. Kirby Brown said, “We are assembling a Colorado River brain trust that brings decades of knowledge to the table.”

About the Lower Colorado River Basin Coalition: The coalition advocates for a fair and balanced approach to river management for all parties under all conditions, including responsible planning for both drought and flood control, in order to achieve balance from the Hill Country to Matagorda Bay. For more information visit: www.waterdownstream.com